Providing Win-Win Solutions for Today’s Workforce

Workforce Services

    Our goal is to make your life easier by delivering services that meet your company’s needs at a price you can afford. An organization’s human capital is its greatest asset. Let us help you get the greatest return on your investment!   We specialize in workforce services for the small business owner. Our services help businesses […]

Career Coaching Services

Are you in a career transition? Trying to determine what you want to be when you grow up? Wanting to create a business that is successful? Desiring to integrate personal values with your work life?   We are experts in the field of career development. Whether you are a college student trying to figure out […]


  We are certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the DISC Behavioral Profile, the most widely used personality and behavioral assessments in the nation. Enhance your people skills and learn how to create a winning team by understanding how and why people react and interact as they do. Let us help you increase […]

Client Testimonials

“Thank you for your awesome help in finding the perfect employee! I love the Meyers-Briggs assessment that you gave my employee. It is nice to know how they learn and to know their personality so you get the perfect fit for your office. I think every company should have Meyers-Briggs assessments done on all their employees. It’s a great tool! I even took the assessment to find out what personality would work best with me. Another talent of Carla’s is her expertise in interviewing job applicants. She knows just the right questions to assist you in hiring the right candidate for the job.”
– Mary Ann Beguin, Innovative Accounting

“Thank you Carla! Your notices are a life saver. We small business owners are trying to stay ahead of the curve on the Affordable Care Act, but it’s difficult. You make it so much easier to do the right thing!”
– Leana Locke, Spartan Sports

“Wow! What a difference you made in presenting my skills! I certainly chose the right person for assisting me.” 
– Ed Stepp, Senior Manager

“Simply put, without your assistance (and especially local business contacts), I would still be searching want ads in vain.” 

– Ralph Collier, Technology Executive

“I would recommend Carla to anyone who is in a dead-end job or who may need the tools for honing in on what their skills and passions truly are. These career crafting meetings forced me to work very hard at getting in touch with who I am career-wise.” 

– Anita Sanchez, Educator

”You are with out doubt an Angel in disguise. I wish to thank you for your continued assistance, your encouragement and your excellent suggestions. I will definitely refer you to anyone in search of a true professional in the arena of Career advisement, mentoring, and coaching for a very reasonable charge. God Bless you, and I wish you much success and happiness. You definitely are one in ten million. All the Best!”

– Joseph Macias Estrada, Pharmaceutical Sales

“Thanks a lot for making perhaps the most significant difference in my life. I admire you for your patience and commitment to make a difference.” 

– Atul Mathur, Engineer, Singapore

“Carla, It has been a real pleasure working with you. It seemed that everything that could went wrong for me during this process. You have been patient, professional and just great to work with. Thank you very much for your efforts on my behalf.

– Gary Darling, Technology Executive 

“You are THE WOMAN. I love the cover letter….When I land the big one you are on my list for special rewards and pay backs…I sure hope your clients know you are pure GOLD.” 
– Charlene Michael